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About us

     ECOPRIMUS SRL. was founded in 2005 from the desire to match a new business opportunity with a positive attitude towards environmental protection.

     Its main activity is the recovery and recycling of plastics waste paper / cardboard waste batteries and car tires, being authorized thereto by the Ministry of Environment.

     Since natural resources diminishes, their conservation is the solution for recycling.

Even from the start we put a strong emphasis on quality of finished products and services obtained, starting from the premise of developing a profitable business by recycling different types of waste, while contributing to a cleaner natural environment.

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Examples of materials: waste recovered and recycled by our company can exemplify: waste PE, PP, PS, PET, PVC, PA, PC, ABS, PMMA, PAP, used car batteries.

     The final products are returned through recycling by selling them daily in the circuit of manufacturing, various plastics processors who produce objects such as furniture, solar film, window flower boxes, pots, anchors, various parts used in construction and constructing car industry .

Our company has installed a processing capacity 250 tons / month.