Acquisition of waste should respect some conditions such as:

  • Waste should not be contaminated with oil, paint, soil, various impurities difficult or impossible to remove.
  • Certain materials (wire, metal parts) must be removed before delivery.
  • Certain waste such as plastic bins / containers for household waste, buckets, should be emptied completely content
  • In case of foil packaging is not acceptable contamination with residues of meat processing, dairy


Our company buys, for recycling and recovery the following types of waste:

  • PE waste (polyethylene) crates, pipe, pallets, bottles, foil packaging, bins / containers for household waste blister different parts, scrap industry
  • PP waste: fruit boxes, buckets, garden furniture, cones, spools, blisters, different production waste
  • PS waste: Various components of the manufacturing, trays
  • ABS waste: showers, tubs, role
  • PA waste: abutment injection, rollers, tracks energy industry
  • PVC waste: pipe, profile windows, blisters, diferete parts industry
  • PET waste: bottles for beverages: soda, water, beer
  • PMMA waste
  • PAP waste: paper packaging, paper archives, cardboard packaging
  • waste car batteries